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Adolfo Domínguez is born

He was born in Trives, a town in Ourense. He grew up in seams and studied art and cinema in Paris in the golden decade of the Beatles and that controversial May '68.


Adolfo Domínguez is Adolfo Dominguez

It came to Spanish fashion influenced by the Japanese designers of the moment. His proposal was based on sobriety and freedom. True to his style, Adolfo Dominguez dresses "the immense minority", in memorable words of Juan Ramón Jiménez. His first store opened in the city of Ourense in 1976 where he presented the first men's collection.

First campaign images



The wrinkle is beautiful

True to the brand's philosophy of creating simplicity with poetry, the Adolfo Dominguez Mujer line was born. At this time the slogan that would remain eternal in the fashion of Spain arises: "the wrinkle is beautiful". A historical slogan that speaks of the taste for the naturalness of the firm, for its conviction that clothing is our second skin.


L'Uomo Vogue

The designs of the Spanish creator begin to appear in the most recognised international specialised publications. At the end of the 80s, the prestigious men's fashion magazine L'Uomo Vogue dedicates a monographic report to Adolfo Dominguez, placing it as one of the most relevant European designers of the moment.


Penelope Cruz for Adolfo Dominguez

The young actress posed for the Adolfo Dominguez campaign at the end of the 90s, with garments from the fall-winter 1989 collection.


Miami Vice

At that time the detectives still wore trench coats and hats, but when Adolfo Dominguez was asked to dress the protagonists of the American series "Miami Vice" he opted for linen suits and T-shirts.


On the catwalks of Paris

The talent of Adolfo Domínguez is recognised throughout Europe. Their collections parade in the Sala Wagram in Paris and the Casa de Campo in Madrid and are sold in fashion temples such as Harrods.

The triumph of simplicity with poetry



Freshwater: its first fragrance

Smell causes memories. The memory of an aroma can remain forever. For this reason, in 1990, Adolfo Dominguez launches his first perfume, in collaboration with Puig. He was the first designer in Spain to market perfume under his name. A fact that would reap sales successes and a gap in the olfactory memory of a country.



Barbie by Adolfo Dominguez

Barbie, avant-garde icon in the world of fashion, has been dressed by some of the best designers in the world. On the occasion of the doll's 35th birthday, Adolfo Dominguez made designs exclusively for her.


Adolfo Dominguez becomes public

On March 18, the shares of Adolfo Dominguez are listed on the continuous Spanish market. It is the first fashion brand in the country to enter the stock market. This same year, the designer receives La Aguja de Oro from the Ministry of Culture of Spain; one of the most prestigious awards in the sector.


International expansion

In the decade of the 90s, the possibility of exploring other cultures, other countries with which to exchange ideas and values began to be considered. 
The growth was unstoppable: in just ten years three continents were conquered, opening stores in Belgium, Mexico, Great Britain, Japan, Argentina ... 
Today the firm has more than 500 stores spread all over the world.

nineteen ninety-five

Fresh Water of Roses

The perfume that would be iconic is born. Petals of rose, lily of the valley and jasmine, on a background of sandalwood, oakmoss and musk. Freshwater from Roses was and still is one of the best-selling perfumes in the country.


Adriana Domínguez reinterprets the complement



The family grows with AD Kids

The collections of Adolfo Dominguez are expanded with a line dedicated to the little ones.


Craft soul jewellery

The creations of Adolfo Dominguez reach new forms and materials in a series of pieces of jewellery that give off the love of the Spanish designer for the natural elements.


U by Adolfo Dominguez

The Spanish brand develops its first young line: U. 
U is the passion for art and its philosophy applied to fashion; 
a creative, independent collective that invites you to discover the world through fashion

The international blogger Gala González, the creator of amlul.com and niece of the designer, is often the image of the line and collaborates in the design process.


Wearing the sky

The main Spanish airline Iberia trusts Adolfo Domínguez to dress its more than 10,000 employees. The sober, elegant and functional style of the designer fits perfectly with the spirit of the company.


Respect for the environment

"We are the children of the earth, not their owners" under this motto Adolfo Dominguez joins the Climate Project and is committed to incorporate practices that respect the environment. With the incorporation of Tiziana Domínguez to the company, corporate social responsibility acquires a greater role. His eco-sustainable philosophy is reflected in his first Manifesto of Ecology and Animal Welfare, and the designer attends the First Spanish Meeting of Leaders for Climate Change, chaired by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.


Pet line designed by Adriana Domínguez

Fruit of love for animals, the line for pets is born. This project was led by Adriana Domínguez, who devised clothes and accessories to make the life of the most faithful companions more comfortable. The image of this line was played by Gastón, his pet.


The magic of the catwalk

His return to the Cibeles catwalk with a Hellenic air collection is sponsored by the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who praised the designer's creations.

Carmen Kaas opens the Adolfo Dominguez fashion show on the Cibeles catwalk



Endangered animals

A jewellery collection inspired by four animals at risk of extinction: the whale, the kiwi, the lynx and the armadillo. Tiziana Domínguez created them for WWF and sales went to this association.


Serrano 5: the first Flagship Store

An imposing building on Calle Serrano in Madrid is chosen to reflect the essence of the brand. A space in which the natural merges with the contemporary, in different environments and locations, and which houses the showroom of the firm and a coffee lounge specializing in vegetarian food.


Fresh Water of White Roses

The iconic fragrance "Agua Fresca de Rosas" laid the foundations for a new fragrance that arrived to provide a jovial, transparent and fresh chord of white rose petals, cyclamen and jasmine. All wrapped in a halo of ozone and herbaceous notes with the presence of sandalwood and cedar.



Tiziana debuts at Cibeles

Tiziana Dominguez designs the collection for the catwalk show Cibeles. Inspired by their canvases, these garments reflect a modern and sophisticated woman. The key to the collection were the silk dresses that reinterpreted the 70s and then became part of a Limited Edition AD collection.


Models with character

Patrick Petitjean and Stella Tennant, models that stand out for their marked personality and gesture, become the image of the firm in summer and winter 2014.


Tiziana takes the reins of the U

Tiziana Dominguez, creative director of U, leads a 
creative and multidisciplinary team to give the brand its own identity. 
Each U collection is born in the designer's painting workshop: 
art takes prints, shapes and fabrics giving relevance 
to design, beauty and the new


With the look set in the future

Adolfo Dominguez continues his expansion in the digital reality. A development always thought to improve the customer experience and encourage purchase in an omnichannel environment. Thanks to its policy of free shipping* and returns, Adolfo Dominguez today reaches the vast majority of the world and has made the Spanish creator, a benchmark of European design.