Author: Ana Egido, IPMARK  

Adolfo Domínguez has always focused on practices that are more respectful of the environment.



Adolfo Domínguez is one of the reference brands for signature fashion on a global scale. With 381 points of sale in 20 countries, it has spent more than 40 years on the market as a torch-bearer for linen and respect for the environment. The firm focuses its renovation with its sight set on a more sustainable consumption model and transforms the way it designs, creates and commercialises garments and accessories for a more positive impact on the planet.



 01       We are not the ownersof the earth, we are its children


Adolfo Domínguez has always focused on practices that are more respectful of the environment. In the 80s, the brand promoted linen as the reference material for its garments, a natural and sustainable fibre thanks to its ecological cultivation, which is transformed without chemical substances or substances that are harmful to the environment and that need less water for cultivation than other plants, such as cotton.


02 2012.GreenMe bag collection




In 2012, the brand launched its first collection of vegan bags. Since then, ecoleather accessories represent 40% of the accessories range in the company, that only uses leather in its accessories if it is the subproduct of food and has been obtained ethically. In 2010, the brand stopped using leather in its garments.


03      Which is   more sustainable, recycled cotton or organic cotton?




For two years, the group has been developing a strategic positive impact plan in order to transform the way it designs and creates signature fashion.

The plan includes a study of all of the materials used by the brand in order to find alternatives that are more respectful of the environment, as well as a guide to help suppliers to find fabrics with sustainable criteria.




04   Repeat more. Need less.


Be Older. Think. Then Buy. Old Clothes. Repeat More. Need Less. Since 2018, Adolfo Domínguez has been calling society to action in order to reflect on the use we make of our clothing and to focus on a more sustainable consumption model, where we consume less but higher quality.




05 Zero Waste limited collection

In August 2020, the brand launched a limited collection which explores zero waste confection under the philosophy that no fabric is unnecessary. The garments are designed from the pattern to make the most of every millimetre of fabric and to avoid generating textile waste. The collection, made of European linen, has been 100 % created in the workshops of the brand in San Cibrao das Viñas (Ourense).


06Artificial intelligence to create efficient wardrobes

ADN is the first online personal shopper by a fashion brand in Europe. The service combines artificial intelligence and the experience of the stylists in order to send each customer a selection of five garments that perfectly match their style and needs. The goal? To create an efficient wardrobe with clothes that can be worn again and again.

07Signature stores witrecycled materials


The latest stores opened by the brand in Lisbon, Marbella and Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) follow a signature store model that uses recycled natural materials. During the construction project, sustainable materials were used and the use of materials with a higher energy cost was reduced. 


08  Goodbye to plastic in online shipments!

In November 2019, the brand stopped using plastic in shipments from its online store. The bags used by the brand in its stores are all certified by the FSC®

(Forest Stewardship Council). 

 09 A more sustainable and diverse central headquarters


Adolfo Domínguez focuses on a more sustainable corporate headquarters and activates initiatives for recycling and reduction of consumption among its professionals. In 2019, over 273,085kg of paper and cardboard and 39,043 kg of plastic were recycled. During the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand participated in an R&D project to transform 10,000 unused hangers for the manufacture of 15,000 protection screens that were donated to health organisations and social entities.


The brand avails of a diverse employee base consisting of 75% women and a management committee that is mostly female (58%), under the leadership of Adriana Domínguez as the CEO. 

1Consumeless, but better

The company promotes a model of rational consumption to its customers, through communications, dressing rooms and receipts.