How to wear red – your comprehensive guide on wearing the colour of love!

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Some of the garments and accessories that work best in this flamboyant colour are red coats – what a great way to liven up a dull winter day, red shoes and red handbags. These all team really well with neutrals from black and grey, brown and camel, navy and white. It’s so hard to go wrong by mixing red with a neutral. If you wear all neutrals and then just red shoes, our gaze will get stuck on your feet. Avoid wearing more than 3 red accents at one time – no need for overkill.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red is a colour you wear that makes you stand out and is great for all skin tones.
  • Red can be worn year-round, even just by wearing accessories.
  • You can wear a white top to neutralise your outfit for those who don’t want red too close to your face.

“You’ll find plenty of my own outfit ideas and also how you can find your right shade of red.”

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