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  <H2 class="p"><strong>AUSTRALIA WELCOMES ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ!</strong></H2>
  <p>The highly anticipated Australian launch of Spanish fashion label Adolfo Dominguez is underway.</p>
  <p>The brand’s retail presence currently includes boutiques in Sydney’s Paddington and Melbourne’s St Collins Lane shopping centre – with more planned – as well as an online store.</p>
  <p>Adolfo Dominguez is an eponymous Spanish fashion label, founded in 1976 and now globally acclaimed.</p>
  <p>The label is influenced by contemporary Japanese designers, with a vision of simplicity and freedom. The label’s conviction is that clothing is our second skin. There is also a strong focus on sustainability.</p>
  <p><br /><strong>THE ADOLFO DOMINGUEZ STORY</strong></p>
  <p>Adolfo Dominguez’s first store opened in the Spanish town of Ourense in 1976, with the label’s initial men’s collection. His first women’s collection was born in 1984.</p>
  <p>By 1985, Adolfo Domínguez’s talent was recognised across Europe, and the Spanish designer’s creations began to be featured in international fashion publications. The prestigious men’s style magazine L’Uomo Vogue dedicated a monographic feature on Adolfo Dominguez, recognising him as an important European designer of the time.</p>
  <p>His collections were shown at Wagram Hall in Paris and the Casa de Campo in Madrid and sold at retail temples such as London’s Harrods. A young Penelope Cruz posed for Adolfo Dominguez’s campaign at the end of the 1980s, wearing pieces from the Fall/Winter 1989 collection.</p>
  <p>In March 1990, Adolfo Dominguez shares were traded on the Spanish stock exchange, the first Spanish fashion brand to become a publicly listed company.</p>
  <p>In the same year, the designer won the Aguja del Oro award from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry.</p>
  <p>The decade of the 1990s brought exploration of other cultures and countries – and unstoppable growth. In less than ten years, three continents were conquered, with stores opening in Belgium, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and Argentina.</p>
  <p>With a reputation for quality and elegance, Adolfo Dominguez now designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.</p>
  <p>Today, Adolfo Dominguez has more than 500 stores internationally.</p>
  <p><br /><strong>A FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY</strong></p>
  <p>“We are children of the earth, not its owners.” – Adolfo Dominguez<br />Adolfo Dominguez is committed to social corporate responsibility and practices that respect the environment. The brand’s eco-sustainable philosophy is captured in its first Environmental &amp; Animal Welfare Manifesto.</p>
  <p>Adolfo Dominguez has long developed collections with a focus on sustainability, with a wide range of garments and accessories created without using animal products. This has been achieved by selecting natural fabrics and processes, which are respectful to the environment.</p>
  <p>The designer is also a member of the Climate Project and attended the first Conference for Spanish Leaders in Climate Change, presided over by Nobel Prize-winner, Al Gore.</p>
  <p>Adolfo Dominguez CEO, Adriana Dominguez Gonzalez, will be hosted by Adolfo Dominguez Australia Managing Director, Forooz Normoyle, for her first visit to Australia – right in time for our brand launch in our new Paddington store on 3 September.</p>
  <p>For more information:</p>
  <p><strong>Website</strong>: <a href="http://www.adolfodominguez.com.au/" target="_blank">www.adolfodominguez.com.au</a><br /><strong>Instagram</strong>: @Adolfodominguezau<br /><strong>Facebook</strong>: adolfodominguezaustralia<br /><strong>Contact us</strong> at: <a href="mailto:info@adolfodominguez.com.au" target="_blank">info@adolfodominguez.com.au</a></p>
  <p>Wholesale Enquiries:<br /><a href="mailto:info@adolfodominguez.com.au" target="_blank">info@adolfodominguez.com.au</a></p>