Fashion coats for Australian winters

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It’s coat season

A good coat is an essential winter garment. The right coat keeps you warm yet looking stylish.

These are the coat trends for the Australian winter:


The belted coat elevates your look. And the belt hugs you close and protects you from the cold. Find the belted coat that’s right for you and you’ll have a timeless garment that you can wear for years.


Padded coats are very warm yet lightweight. This season, they are available in different lengths, textures, colours and materials – even metallic, gradients or prints if you want a more daring look.

Spanish company Adolfo Dominguez stands out for its padded coats made without feathers. In its latest collection, you’ll find this classic style in blue, with a slim fit and invisible pockets.

Faux leather.

The faux leather coat is a versatile garment that looks great both day and night. We’ve seen these new synthetic fibres emerge on international runways as one of the most important trends of the season. Watch out for those made with vegan organic fibres.

Oversized coat.

Long coats will be very popular this season. A timeless and comfortable coat that you’ll wear with everything – select yours in black for a classic look or dare to wear your oversized coat with a splash of bold colour. Adolfo Domínguez has introduced a long merino coat in French blue.

Capes and ponchos.

Coats in retro styles are trending this season. Throw on a cape to effortlessly transform any look. The poncho is a perfect alternative for in-between seasons – or even around the house as part of our “homewear” style.