What’s Trending Now In Fashion For The Sophisticated Woman?

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Here are some of the fashion trends making an impact for the sophisticated and stylish woman.

Grey With Yellow

One of the biggest trends right now is grey with yellow.

Yellow is all about sunshine – the colour with the power to illuminate your face and prolong the effects of your tan.

Combining it with the substance of grey is a sure-fire hit, as it conveys confidence, projecting you to the world in a distinctive way.

Comfort + Style Reigns Supreme

Among the post-pandemic trends, comfort is a must. Sporty chic is here to stay. It’s all about combining classic styling with sporty elements, creating relaxed looks without compromising style.

Take a look at Adolfo Domínguez’s classic blazer combined with a cotton T-shirt and your favourite trainers. A working-from-home winner.

Tie It Up And Down

The scarf is always a versatile accessory to complete your look. Draped around your neck or bag, or as a belt or headband, a beautiful scarf can add a fresh aspect. And scarves comes in an almost-unending array of colours, prints and textures.

Comfort Is Everything

There’s a new commitment to comfortable yet sophisticated wardrobes, evidenced by the latest collections from top design houses. Among them, Adolfo Domínguez has presented its “Homewear” collection in soft tones with a relaxed feel.

XXL Dresses

Dresses are enjoying a star turn in 2021. Most popular are those in midi length or oversized with XXL volume, adapting to so many looks.

Choose sneakers for sporty chic, or boots for a more dressed up look.

The New Silhouette

The latest flattering silhouettes with extra looseness and comfort that adapt to your figure. The wide, high-waisted trousers stand out, fitting close to the hips but loose to the floor …. your legs appear infinite!